Welcome to the treasure of Europe - your personal guidebook every time your thoughts turn to a European vacation. Europe offers many unforgettable experiences. We have selected a few for you that go far beyond the ordinary. These hand selected travel programmes will allow you to experience the best Europe has to offer. Enjoy the experience!

European Jewels-13 Days/14 nights

  London – France – Switzerland - Liechtenstein  - Austria - Italy

European splenders-08 days /07 nights

  Austria – Italy – Vatican – Switzerland – France

Amazing Europe-08 Days/07 nights 

Paris – Switzerland – Schaffhausen - Zurich

Treasures Of Balkans-11 DaysDestination:

Greece, Macedonia,Albania,Montenegro,Bosnia,Serbia.


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Magical Europe 2010 - 11 Days
Destination :Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, England.

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Grand Tour of Europe - 15 Days
Destination :Italy, Vatican, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, England.    
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Magnificiant Europe - 19 Days
Destination :France, Monaco, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England.
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All of Switzerland - 7 Days
Destination :     Switzerland.

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All of Scandinavia - 11 Days
Destination :Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark.

All of Scandinavia - 11 Days
Destination :
Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark.
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Best of Spain & Portugal - 12 Days
Destination :Spain and Portugal.
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Swiss Paris - 7 Days
Destination :Switzerland and France.
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