Leisure Travel

We welcome you to India, the land of mystique and mantras. The land of tigers and tantrics. Then land of mahals and mausoleums. The land that gave the world Ayurveda and aromatherapy. A land of mesmerizing deities and Godly legends. Of soul stirring stories from the ancient past - the valor of the Pandavas and the penance of Arjun. The land of rivers and rainforests, of deserts and dust storms, of snow capped peaks and fertile green valleys. The land of Sandalwood and Snake Charmers. The land of Ahinsa. The land of the Mahatma. Dove Travels, one of India’s leading inbound tour specialists, embodies the culture, the saga, the architecture and the history of an era gone by. Dove Travels takes you back through the ages to the fabulous sites when time stood still and history was in the making. And while you travel through time imbibing our nations rich glorious past, let Dove Travels also acquaint you with nature of this great sub-continent – wade through the cold, crystal waters of the India’s northern rivers, or shoot the rapids if you will; backpack your way through the lush green forests of southern India; snow trek the frozen footpaths of the mighty Himalayas. And what not. Let Dove Travels partner with you on your visit to India.


Corporate Travel

Servicing Indian and MNC’s in today’s world call for experienced, motivated and quick-response personnel. It means understanding the mind of the corporate. It means inter-relating with the personality of the individual. It means giving them just a little more than what they’re asking for. Well, we’ve been doing this for years – how? Simple, because Dove Travels has always absorbed the best minds in the trade. Along with this, Dove Travels has also adequately invested in the state-of-the-art office equipment such as computerized air reservations and automated ticketing systems, thereby enabling us to meet our customer deadlines within the stipulated space of our commitments. So, the next time you decide to have your nose in the air, just talk to us!



The sea has a special significance for Dove Travels for it is the home of the Dove. Besides, the sea has always possessed a soothing and serene atmosphere for seafarers from near and afar. Dove Travels represents some of the big names in the cruise worlds - names such as Royal Caribbean, Star Cruises and Princess, among others. Now you can, for instance, cruise the high seas of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or Asia Pacific for a week or more and anchor at many of the port cities that dot the coastal sea-lanes. Let Dove Travels, the cruise specialists, be your guide and mentor for your forthcoming vacation on the high seas!


Travel Consultancy

Which place to go? What to see and how to manage the trip ? These are some very evident questions that can come to your mind when you are planning a trip. We can help you answer all those questions. Backed by over two decades of experience in designing travel plans for our clients the knowledge we have gathered equips us with the best travel consultancy you can get.


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