Bhutan is a country located in eastern Himalayas. The tourist and guests who visit this country are surprised about the culture and traditional lifestyle which is still richly intact and at the degree to which it permeates all strands of modern day secular life. Bhutan is visited by many great saints, mystics, Scholars and pilgrims over the centuries that not only came for their personal revelation, but blessed the land and its people with invaluable spiritual and cultural legacy.

The country has been identified as one of the 10 bio-diversity hot spots in the world and as one of the 221 global endemic bird areas. Bhutan also has rich wildlife with animals like the takin, snow leopard, golden langur, blue sheep tiger, water buffalo and elephant. A visitor visiting Bhutan enjoys and takes the experience of life time.



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Gems of Bhutan - 8 Days
Destination :Paro, Thimpur, Trangsa , Bumthang, Punakha

Wonders of Bhutan-  08 Night/09 Days
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